InnoGermany offers companies in-house rapid 3-D prototyping 

  • Market and Product Research (to determine whether the proposed solution is usable and useful to end users  commercial saleabilty
  • Proving the efficiency of the science and technology behind the idea
  • Researching user experience
  • Working on the industrial design
  • Proving the technical feasibility
  • Moving forward with the production of this product
  • Creation of 1-5 fully integrated prototypes as a a first generation design through a combination of industrial design, mechanical and embedded engineering (PCB, cable harness development, firmware development) and software engineering.
  • Incorporate the corporate design for the planned manufacturing  into the engineering development, involve suppliers to reduce costs and accelerate the time to market
  • Reviews and Tests
  • The Pre-Production Prototype focuses on the test outcome of the first generation engineering prototype.
  • Final assembly, field tests and early durability tests
  • After field tests and durability tests, the design is released to be manufactured (Basis for Production gate)
  • The program moves from engineering to the production and operations department

Step 1: Create the schematic electronics blueprint

Step 2: Create an intermediate prototype

Step 3: Create the printed circuit board (PCB) layout for a production quality prototype

Step 4: Electronics fabrication of the PCB layout. The empty printed circuit boards are assembled by soldering on all the various components

Step 5: Design and 3 D Print the plastics for the technical device


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