Product Development

InnoGermany specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of IoT, medical devices and consumer wearables. We are your partner for future technology products, rapid prototyping, full product development and manufacturing.

Turning your hardware ideas into revenue ready products for your company

We provide a complete design, electronics engineering and development service from idea to prototypes and manufacturing support for the end product.

The Product Design Process

Phase 1

Market Research

Concept Generation

Patent Research

Phase 2

Industrial Design

Prototyping and Advanced Design


Phase 3

Brand and Product Development

Manufacturing Design


Technical Devices

IoT Devices are transforming every part of our lifes, be it in our homes, offices, or our city streets: IoT is the technology that helps to make our lives easier by giving us greater control of our environment and easily connecting us with people, systems and environments. InnoGermany designs and builds IoT Devices according to your ideas, be it for business processes or commercial use and manufacturing.

Medical Devices

Medical Devices are designed and build to diagnose, monitor, treat or alleviate ailments. InnoGermany develops sensors, that measure, collect and send biofeedback data from the medical device through a server to the corresponding software. This software can be installed on mobile devices or computers, where the data will be analysed and evaluated.

Consumer Wearables

Wearable Devices like smartwatches and fitness trackers are gaining more and more popularity and value for consumers and businesses alike. The categories range from wrist wear, modular, clothing, eyewear to ear wear and more. Wearables Devices enable users to recieve and share information immediately and regardless of their current location. InnoGermany builds and develops wearables for consumer, healthcare or industrial applications.

Key Areas

  • Proof of Concept and Feasibility
  • Intuitive Web Interfaces
  • Algorithm Development
  • Electronic Designs with Schematics and PCB layout
  • Robust, Modular Based Systems Architecture
  • Wireless Modelling and Product Testing

Wireless Technology is driving the expansive development of IoT, HealthTech and Consumer Wearables. InnoGermany chooses the right combination of technologies and protocols for your individual situation, in conjuntion with Bluetooth, IoT Bandwidth, WiFi,  Proprietary Solutions.

InnoGermanys development process includes rapid prototyping, enabling you to quickly demonstrating your concept to investors or the market. Our hardware is designed with manufacturing in mind, which assures that after assembling, testing and certification, your product is ready for the market.


We at InnnoGermany use our experience in GPRS, GPS, sensor technology and algorithms to develop the sensors needed to create unique, intelligent products for your company.

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