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Firmware Development

Firmware is a software specifically for hardware devices. The firmware is embedded in a memory chip and responsible for the basic functionality of the device.  Our software engineers write the embedded software that will drive the hardware for Medical Devices, IoT’s and Wearables, that are developed in our labratory.

Ensure your next project is a success 

Our exceptional sensor designs and developments allow our clients to tap into the full potential of  their project possibilities, maximize productivity, and optimize the speed, efficiency and accuracy of processes. The engineers working at InnoGermany use their expertise and drive for innovation to create solutions that will give your company access to the future.


Sensor Development

We have wearable devices that use advanced heat measuring and routing sensors to provide accurate biological data. Using our experience of sensors and wireless sensoring, InnoGermany can design a solution for almost any application or requirement. Listed below are just some of the sensors we use –

  • Motion, Vibration & Acceleration
  • Electric, Magnetic & Radio
  • Pressure & Force
  • Optical & Imaging
  • Temperature
  • Biosensors PH, Glucose

An Abundance of Skill Sets

InnoGermany employs engineers that have knowledge of network protocols and architectures as well as specialising in a wide variety of programming languages. Our engineers will complete firmware and embedded software solutions for your projects, while working directly alongside you.

Our attention to even minor details provides a solid high-performance device for your company. Due to extensive tests and inspections we make sure the system architechture is optimized for first-rate performances.

From start to finish – InnoGermany is at your side until your project is completed. We offer clients a full spectrum service around the development of technical devices:

  • Initial concept and analysis
  • PCB and hardware design
  • Prototyping
  • Support

Our main principle is to strongly identify with the requirements and targets of our clients, while focusing on minimizing development times and costs to achieve a faster time-to-market cycle. We strive to reduce risks early and produce a winning product with the desired commercial results.

Years of Experience

InnoGermany provides a competent team of experts for developing embedded software and firmware.

  • Firmware for  various electronic device types and storage devices
  • M2M Solutions and Connected Devices for Data exchange
  • Digital signal processing
  • Microcontroller programming
  • Cross-platform software development
  • System-on-chip embedded software

Software Development

InnoGermany develops embedded software for hardware devices, turning your product ideas into reality:

  • Healthcare Wearables
  • Medical Devices
  • Sports and Leisure Wearables
  • Entertainment Devices
  • Advertising Devices
  • IoT Devices
  • And more!

Cutting-Edge Development

Our team of engineers at InnoGermany have years of experience in developing solutions for those technical products that have become a part of your everyday life. We can help your company be at the forefront of the digital future, profit from it and be miles ahead from your competition.

Our engineers also offer maintenance, support and improvement in case you already  have an existing product and need help developing it that one step further.

Working closely with our clients during every phase, serves to ensure longterm commercial successes for the technical devices we develop for you.

Refined Project Flow

InnoGermany offers quality project management, development processes and  a controllable and stable project flow, due to having a documentation strategy in place.

  • Mature project management
  • Comprehensive research and analysis
  • Requirements management
  • Seamless communication
  • Transparent workflow
  • Source code management
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