InnoGermany creates and develops innovative digitalized medical devices and products for commercial merchandising and household use. Our aim is to create products that positively affect the world.

Our employees and collaborators are passionate about their profession. We leave our employees space to develop their own ideas, allowing people’s talents to shine. Additionally we provide a fun and challenging work environment which is conductive to the development of new ideas.

Our staff builds up products from idea through to assembling and showcasing. Our products gain from our employees experience, knowledge and passion. Their entrepreneural spirit is the very heart and soul of InnoGermany‘s success.

Open Positions

Job-Titel Ort Abteilung Datum
Android or IOs App Developer Intern (m/f) Berlin, Germany Engineering Technology Mathematics Informatics 25. Januar 2018
Assistant of Technology Office Intern (m/f) Berlin, Germany Business Studies Management Science, Communication, Information Sciences Engineering Technology 25. Januar 2018
Web Developer Intern (m/f) Berlin, Germany Engineering Technology Mathematics Informatics 25. Januar 2018
Firmware Engineer Intern (m/f) Berlin, Germany Engineering Technology 25. Januar 2018
System Administrator Intern (m/f) Berlin, Germany Engineering Technology Mathematics Informatics 25. Januar 2018

You get to be part of a fast growing company and a team which thrives on agility, innovation and creativity. Cooperate closely with the team for optimal results and quickly take over your own projects and responsibilities.

Our Team consists of scientists, engineers, industrial designers, technicians, project managers and QA supervisors.
The focus lies on connecting biomedical engineering and Hi-Tech into medical devices for commercial use.

Benefit from a creative work environment, innovative product developments and quick prototyping processes. Learn from experienced co-workers and mentors. Get the possibility to increase your skills continuously in a relaxed working atmosphere in an international team. Use the opportunity to grow personally and professionally through exciting varying projects and tasks.

Did we spark your interest? We would be delighted to welcome you to our team!

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Benefits and Rewards

Our main principle is to strongly identify with the requirements and targets of our clients, while focusing on minimizing development times and costs to achieve a faster time-to-market cycle. Combined with innovative technologies, creative product development and a fast prototyping process, this principle serves to ensure a longterm commercial successes for our digitalized, innovative, medical products.

Professional advancement through mentoring, teamwork and taking over your own projects are just a few of the benefits of building a career at InnoGermany.

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The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Peter Drucker
Management Consultant