About InnoGermany

InnoGermany creates and develops in-house innovative digitalized devices and products for commercial and domestic use. We develop commissioned products as a subcontractor for your company, as well as developing and launching our own products and platforms. All steps that lead to the production of innovative technical devices take place in-house without involving third party producers.

We offer consultations and the development of strategies for your ideas, the development of soft- and hardware, rapid prototyping, testing and mass production. We also offer clients a digital marketing strategy for those products.

Our experiences with the processes surrounding the development, international certification as well as funding in the medical field are the reasons we specify in producing medical and wearable devices.

We transform ideas into commercially successful digital devices

Our main principle is to strongly identify with the requirements and targets of our clients, while focusing on minimizing development times and costs to achieve a faster time-to-market cycle. Combined with innovative technologies, creative product development and a fast prototyping process, this principle serves to ensure longterm commercial successes for our digitalized, innovative products.

Why Choose Us

Strategy and Consulting

The defined aim of our consulting service is to create an all-inclusive digital and commercial strategy to integrate innovative technologies within existing infrastructures.

Lean Agile Mindset Methodologies

We are a lean and agile company for software and hardware development.

Design Driven Engineering

Design-led decision making for a user-friendly surface experience that combines functionality and aesthetics equally.


Process Analysis Improvement

Gathering of key insights to improve processes, minimize responding times and pivot fast with iterative methods of developments.

Fast Prototyping with MVP

Comprehensive prototype engineering services to transform ideas into realities with a fast Go-To-Market Strategy.

Open Communication

A transparent, collaborative approach including a two-way communication with clients for time-efficient development and decision processes.

A passionate Team of Specialists

Our Team consists of scientists, engineers, industrial designers, technicians, project managers and QA supervisors.

The focus lies on connecting biomedical engineering and Hi-Tech into medical devices for commercial use.



  • Mobile Diagnostics
  • Biofeedback Evaluation
  • Life Science Engeneering
  • Point-Of-Care-Testing
  • Medical Digital Devices
  • Mobile Health (mHealth)


  • Wireless Solutions
  • Smartphone Integration
  • Innovative Energy Solutions
  • Automated Customising Processes
  • Medicinal Software
  • Microtechnology Development

Our Experience

Hardware Development 99%
Electronic Engineering 95%
Software Development 85%

A Spirit of Entrepreneurship

Our employees and collaborators are passionate about their profession. We leave our employees space to develop their own ideas, allowing people’s talents to shine. Additionally we provide a fun and challenging work environment which is conductive to the development of new ideas.

Our staff builds up products from idea through to assembling and showcasing. Our products gain from our employees experience, knowledge and passion.

Their entrepreneural spirit is the very heart and soul of InnoGermany‘s success.

we provide visionary consulting, innovative technology and an agile prototyping process