Rapid product development, prototyping and a fast time-to-market cycle are our main strengths.

About InnoGermany

InnoGermany offers consultations and in-house development of digital devices for commercial and domestic use, such as Wearables, IoT and medical devices. We develop strategies to turn your ideas into revenue.

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Hardware Engineering

In our electronic equipment lab the developers manufacture, analyse, test and solve the electronics engineering challenges that are the basis for all medical and high-tech product development.

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Software Development

Working closely with the hardware developers our software team creates the most suitable medical-related software for the manufactured hardware.

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The greatest moment for innovation precedes the start of any product development process

Product Development

InnoGermany specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of IoT, medical devices and consumer wearables. We are your partner for future technology products, rapid prototyping, full product development and manufacturing. We provide a complete design, electronics engeneering and development service from idea to prototypes and manufacturing support for the end product.

Hardware Engineering

Electronic engineering upgrades the quality of our lives with the development of new innovations and devices in communications, medicine, businesses and entertainment. InnoGermany’s engineering process is bringing innovative ideas and future technologies to life by researching, testing, anticipating problems and coming up with solutions that satisfy the needs of users.

Software Engineering

InnoGermany offers software design and development from initial concept to publishing the software in the app store. We build solutions that deeply integrate software into hardware, both of which are developed in our laboratories in parallel. Assessing what our clients want to accomplish with their products, we build the matching subsystems and components into the devices.

How We Work

Our main principle is to strongly identify with the requirements and targets of our clients, while focusing on minimizing development times and costs to achieve a faster time-to-market cycle. Combined with innovative technologies, creative product development and a fast prototyping process, this principle serves to ensure a longterm commercial successes for our digitalized, innovative, technical products.

Envisioning the Final Product

Innovation requires a clear way forward and most of all  – knowing where you want to go. This target informs your development strategy, Intellectual Property Strategy and investment strategy. Every new product and medical device development is strategically planned to achieve a quicker development process and prevent repetitions on future devices allowing a straight and fast way ahead on prototypes and productions.

Project Planning

Our team has years of experience and expertise and will complete your project as quickly and cost effectively as possible. InnoGermany understands that clients need to be constantly updated about the development process. We provide weekly reviews and a consistent reporting, therefore offering an unmatched communication with our clients.

“We transform ideas into commercially successful digital devices”
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